12th October 2022

Welcome Message

This is the year of the 20th anniversary of CICECO. 

CICECO has grown into a renowned research institute during these two decades, where nearly 500 people are today devoted to the creation and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge leading to innovative materials that address the challenges of a global society. 

The JORNADAS 22 celebrate this special anniversary of a CICECO hand in hand with the society for which one aims to work.  

The plan is to celebrate in three different events.  

The first one occurs in April and is dedicated to the communication of CICECO science to the society by engaging CICECO researchers in the production of multimedia contents and their dissemination across multiple platforms and to different target audiences 

The second event, starting at the 14th and ending on the 29th of September, is the CICECO hackathon 2022, an open innovation initiative designed to foster teamwork around ideas for new products or even new businesses, based on the science produced by talented CICECO researchers. 

The Jornadas last moment of the year is planned as a major full day event, on the 12th October, with presentations of the best science produced by CICECO and exciting discussions with our honorable guests from different stakeholders, including academia, industry, social communicators, and governing institutions. 

This is a special celebration where everyone in CICECO has the chance to actively participate. 

CICECO deserves it. 

The organizing committee of the CICECO JORNADAS 22 
Cláudia Nunes, Filipe Figueiredo & Vítor Gaspar

How Can I Participate?


‘Jornadas CICECO 2022’ will take place on the 12th October in Auditorium of Aveiro’s Congress Center.

The event is open to all the scientific community and the general public at no charge. Registration is mandatory and will give access to in-presence attendance.

Register now

Dinner Registration

Dinner registration is open to all participants and will be held in the end of the day at Aveiro Congress Center. If you are interested in attending Jornadas 2022 Dinner please register bellow. Deadline for registration is 5th October 2022.

Dinner Registration

Abstract Submission - Posters

To participate in the poster session, you need to take the following steps, until 30th September:
• Use the form below, ‘Abstract Submission’, to enter the following information about your poster abstract: title and authors, a summary text (max 250 words), a representative image or graphical abstract.

• Upon acceptance you will be informed of your poster number.

• On the day of Jornadas place your poster in the session room of Aveiro's Congress Center and stand by your poster during the sessions.
Actively engage with your peers via questions, comments in person during Jornadas CICECO 2022.

Abstract Submission

minFilm submission

All CICECO PhD students are also invited to submit a minFilm (1 minute-long film), with free format suitable for 16:9 presentation, and about the goals, challenges and impact of their research project. The only rule is the video duration, all the rest is up to you and your imagination!
Ten videos will be selected by a scientific committee to be presented during Jornadas CICECO 2022, in the session “minFilm PhD”.
Prizes will be awarded to the best video, selected by the participants.

Video Submission


There are two categories in this year’s photo contest:
• materials@CICECO: Collecting images during lab work, experimental setup, or instrumental measurements is often an important part of our research. Please share your best pictures and contribute to CICECO’s portfolio of science photographs.
• materials@AVEIRO: The city and region of Aveiro harbor a rich variety of elements where materials blend with history, traditions, arts and culture. We invite you to discover and capture those elements with your camera, and to share your photos with all of us.
Prizes will be awarded to the best photo in each category, to be selected by a panel of photography experts/enthusiasts.

Photo Submission

Vote & Engage

Participants will be asked to vote for the best until 17h00, of October 12th :
• PhD students minFilm.
• Photo in each category.
Actively engage and interact with poster authors during Jornadas CICECO 2022.

Vote at the Photo Gallery

Vote at the Videos Gallery

Important Dates

  • 30th September

    Abstract submission deadline

  • 5th October

    Registration deadline

  • 5th October

    Photo submission deadline

    Dinner Registration deadline

  • 8th October

    PhD video submission deadline

Invited Speakers

Truls Norby

Professor Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, FERMiO

TrulsNorby Truls Norby (b. 1955), PhD from University of Oslo (UiO) 1986, became professor at Department of Chemistry UiO 1994 and since 1997 heads Group for Electrochemistry. He works with defects and transport in materials for solid-state fuel cells, electrolysers, batteries, membranes, and sensors, specialising in protons and protonic transport in oxides and on their surfaces. He also integrates materials chemistry and semiconductor physics in photoelectrochemistry, oxide thermoelectrics, and innovations in design and fabrication. Norby has published 290 journal papers, graduated more than 100 Master- and PhD-students, and is member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and several other national academies. He has founded several companies, won the UiO Innovation Prize 2012 and the Norwegian Guldberg-Waage medal for chemistry 2018.

Júlio Grilo

Research and Innovation Director - Simoldes

julio_grilo Júlio Manuel Grilo, has an academic background in Mechanical Engineering and professional experience in the field of Consumer Electronics, Injection Molds for thermoplastics and automotive design. He has been at Simoldes Plásticos since 1995, having been Director of Engineering between 2001 and 2015 and since that year he has been the Research and Innovation Director of the Simoldes Group. With professional experience with different Automobile Manufacturers in the design of interiors and general technical requirements of the Automobile, in recent years, he has driven innovation among Automobile Manufacturers and entities of the national scientific system for the development of national skills in the automobile value chain and mobility that allow national companies, especially in the Simoldes Group, to create greater added value and new business units.

Joana Paredes

President of Portuguese Association for Cancer Research (ASPIC)

joanaparedes Joana Paredes (JParedes) is the group leader of the Cancer Metastasis group at i3S and Affiliated Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. Currently, she is also the President of the Portuguese Association for Cancer Research (ASPIC). JParedes graduated in Biology at Coimbra University in 1999 and completed her PhD at the Faculty of Medicine of Porto University in 2004. For 2 years, she worked in the Cancer Research Laboratory of Gent University (Belgium), a reference lab in cell-cell adhesion and cancer.

Manuel Valença

Vice-president of SciComPt National Network of Science Communication and Technology

manuelvalenca Manuel Valença is a PhD candidate at Iscte with the research project: “The identity and latent professional profiles of communicators in Portuguese scientific research and outreach organisations”. He is also Vice-President of the Portuguese Science Communication Network (SciComPt). His academic background links three different fields: Communication Sciences (Bachelor’s degree at ISCSP – University of Lisbon); Teaching of Biology and Geology (Bachelor’s degree at Aveiro University); and Science Communication (Master’s degree at FCSH – New University of Lisbon). Over the years, he worked as a high school biology teacher; as an explainers’ coordinator and event manager at Fábrica - Science Center of Aveiro; as a science communication officer at the Science Faculty of the University of Lisbon; and as a research assistant in the science communication research project “Mobilisation of Resources for Public Engagement with Science and Technology” (Iscte-based).

Jorge Girão

Director of Operations at Revigrés

jorgegirao Jorge Girão holds a Degree in Ceramics and Glass Engineering from UA. He his the director of Operations at Revigrés, Flooring and Ceramic Tiles, with responsibility for coordinating the Industrial, Technical, Logistics and Product Development Areas National and International Experience in the Areas of Technical Management, Industrial Management and Operations.

Pedro Almeida

Professor at Department of Art and Communication

pedroalmeida Pedro Almeida got his graduation in New Communication Technologies by the University of Aveiro and his PhD in the same university in Sciences and Communication Technologies. Actually he is a lecturer in the Communication and Art Department in undergraduate, master and doctoral courses. As a member of the research unit Digimedia (Digital Media and Interaction), he develops his research activities in new media, cross-platform and transmedia content and Social Interactive Television. He has special interests in multimedia communication systems and applications aiming the promotion of social practices around AV content in iTV, web or mobile.

Álvaro Pinto

Executive Director of Centro Ciência Viva do Lousal – Mina de Ciência

alvaropinto Álvaro Manuel Madureira Pinto got is graduation in geology by the University of Porto and his master’s degree in mineralogy and metallogeny by the University of Lisbon where is also running his PhD now. He was mineralogist at the Neves Corvo mine and later at the National Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Lisbon. He was soon invited assistant professor at FCUL (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa), where is currently a senior technician of the Geology Department and a Researcher of the IDL – Instituto Dom Luíz. He remains linked to the national and international mining industry in the field of applied minerology and geometallurgy. He was part of the organization of national and international scientific congresses and meetings and took part in 5 international oceanographic missions in the Atlantic, Pacific and Artic Oceans. Álvaro engaged in several scientific research projects promoted by both the industry and academy. He is the author or co-author of more than three dozen scientific texts published in national and foreign journals. Álvaro has been guest speaker in both national and international organizations. Additionally, since 2020, he is the national coordinator of the Portuguese Geology Olympiad (OPG). Currently and since its establishment in 2010, he is the Executive Director of Centro Ciência Viva do Lousal – Mina de Ciência.

Nuno Silva

R&D Scientist at HOVIONE

nunosilva Nuno is currently R&D project support and analytical scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, at Hovione (Lumiar, Portugal). He is graduated in Biotechnology from University of Aveiro (Portugal), with a Master thesis developed at KTH Stockholm (Sweden), and holds a PhD in Bioengineering from University of Aveiro. After his PhD, Nuno was a doctoral researcher at CICECO Lab, University of Aveiro, working within the projects DeepBiorefinery and NanoBioinks on the development of innovative materials for green technology and biomedical applications. Nuno is the author/co-author of 23 SCI papers (h-index: 18, total citations: 1104, co-authors: 42) in international peer reviewed high impact journals, 17 oral communications and 30 poster communications in national and international conferences. He has supervised 10 BSc and MSc students, assisted in academic teaching activities from 2018, and been involved in several dissemination & promotion events of scientific knowledge and culture. Along with the scientific background, Nuno is fully passionate about leadership and personal development, being a soft-skills trainer and coach. Nuno has already delivered an extensive number of training hours across Europe. From 2018 to 2021, Nuno was a lecturer in “Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking” at University of Aveiro. Proactive and dynamic, he was always involved in several organizations and projects such as BEST, getSkilled, Make U Lead Yourself, Toastmasters International and Virtuous Leadership. Nuno considers traveling around the world, the greatest source to develop ourselves.

João Veloso

Vice-Rector to the matters concerning the University-Society cooperation in University of Aveiro

joãoveloso João Filipe Calapez de Albuquerque Veloso has been Vice-Rector of Cooperation at the University of Aveiro since 2020. He holds a PhD in Technological Physics from the University of Coimbra (2000). He has been an Associate Associate Professor since 2018. Until 2020 he was a member of the Scientific Council of the UA, Director of the MI in Biomedical Engineering (responsible for its creation) and Coordinator of the Associated Laboratory I3N-Aveiro. He is a member of several course, master's and doctoral committees. For 8 years he was Deputy Director of the MI in Physical Engineering. He is the coordinator of the Medical Imaging and Radiation Detection Group, which he created and coordinated since 2005. He was elected president of the Collaboration Board of the international collaboration CERN-RD51 (95 Institutions) for 2 2-year terms and is a member of the Management Board, among other committees. international organizations of which it is a member. He was Coordinator of the Atomic and Molecular Physics Division of the Portuguese Physics Society for 8 years. He is author and co-author of about 350 in international scientific journals of high and high impact factor, such as Nature, Science, Physical Review X, of more than 200 communications in international conferences, several as guests. He was/is a funder of around 30 research projects by FCT, ANI, PT/Centro2020 and the EC. He was/is the advisor of more than 40 Master's and Doctoral students and 14 Post-Doc. It is evaluated in several international journals, international scientific projects and doctoral grants. He organized several international scientific conferences. It has carried out dissemination, through articles and opinion interviews in the media, and organized various scientific dissemination activities. He holds three patents with licensing to companies and is a co-founder of two UA spin-offs, NU-RISE and RI-TE.

CICECO Speakers

João Coutinho

CICECO Director

joao_coutinho João A. P. Coutinho is Full Professor at the Chemistry Department of University of Aveiro, Portugal and director of CICECO since 1 January 2022. He leads a multidisciplinary research team that focuses on the development of green solvents and novel separation processes for biorefinery and circular economy.

Rute Ferreira

CICECO Vice Director

rute_ferreira Rute A. S. Ferreira got her PhD in Physics (2002), and the Agregação (2021) in Physics from the Universidade de Aveiro (UA), Portugal. Currently, she is an Associated Professor in the department of physics at UA. She is vice-director of CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials and a member of the general board of UA. She is co-author of 350 documents published in peer-reviewed international journals (h-index=58, WoS) and ca. 300 communications in international meetings. Her current scientific interests are focused on the optoelectronic studies of organic/inorganic hybrids foreseeing applications in the fields of optoelectronics and green photonics (solid-state lighting, and integrated optics), luminescence magnetic materials (single ion/molecule magnets) and photovoltaics (luminescent solar concentrators and down-shifting layers). Recently, she expanded her interests to luminescence thermometry focused on primary thermometers and to the application of luminescent materials for the internet of Things (IoT) featuring optical smart tags for traceability and sensing.

Rute Pereira

PhD student and Science Communticator

RutePereira Rute Pereira received a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Aveiro in 2016, during which she started working in the development of magnetic. Later, she received a MSc in Biomedical Materials and Devices in 2018, while also working as a Research Grantee. She is currently a PhD Student in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology working with Dr. Nuno João Silva, Dr. Vítor Gaspar, Prof. João Mano and Prof. Alessandro Lascialfari (U. Pavia). She is also extremely interested in science communication and bringing science to online platforms, such as social networks. You can learn more about her digital project at

Manuel Souto Salom

Department of Chemistry

ManuelSouto Manuel Souto Salom (Valencia, 1988) is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Aveiro and CICECO-Aveiro Institute of Materials. He holds a double degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of Valencia (Spain) and from the École de Chimie, Polymères et Matériaux (ECPM) de Strasbourg (France), respectively, doing a research internship at PLAPIQUI (Argentina). He also earned a Master's degree in Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry from the University of Strasbourg conducting his Master thesis at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST, Lisbon). In 2016, he obtained his PhD in Materials Science (triple award-winning thesis) at Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) under the supervision of Prof. J. Veciana developing new molecular materials based on organic radicals for different applications in electronics (molecular switches, conductors and rectifiers) conducting two research stays at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and at the University of Antwerp. In 2017, he started to work as postdoctoral researcher (Juan de la Cierva fellowship) at the Institute of Molecular Science (ICMol-University of Valencia) designing new TTF-based Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). Since 2019 he has been an Assistant Professor at the University of Aveiro. In 2021, he was awarded an ERC-StG with the project ELECTROCOFS. His main current research interest is the design and synthesis of new functional electroactive porous frameworks (MOFs & COFs) based on redox-active building blocks for applications in electronics and energy storage.

Full Programme

Wednesday • October 12th, 2022

Abstract Book

Auditorium Aveiro Congress Center
08:30 – 09:00    Registration

Front desk, ground floor, Aveiro Congress Center

09:00 – 09:10    Welcome and opening session delivered by

Artur Silva, Vice-Rector for Research of University of Aveiro
João Coutinho, Director of CICECO
Paula Vilarinho, Vice-Director of CICECO
Rute Sá Ferreira, Vice-Director of CICECO

09:10 – 09:30    João Coutinho and Rute Ferreira present the

CICECO strategic plan and the Restructuration of the CEIM - Centre for Imaging & Structural Studies

09:30 – 09:45    Verónica de Zea Bermudez, University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Editor of the Frontiers Special Issue Celebrating 20 years of CICECO, presents the special issue

09:45 - 10:00    Ana Catarina Gomes, Ana L. Costa, Rodrigo P. Monteiro, Paulo D. Nunes Barradas, Simone C. Ferreira, Carla Cunha, Isabel S. Gonçalves, J. Sérgio Seixas de Melo and Martyn Pillinger
Enhanced thermal and photo-stability of a para-substituted dicumyl ketone intercalated in a layered double hydroxide

10:00 - 10:15    Andrei Kholkin, Svitlana Kopyl, Pavel S. Zelenovskii, Daria S. Vasileva and Semen G. Vasilev
CICECO and Glycine: a 20 years story of ferroelectricity

10:15 - 10:30    Priscilla Brosler, Ana Violeta Girão, Rui F. Silva, João Tedim and Filipe J. Oliveira
In-house vs. commercial boron-doped diamond electrodes for electrochemical degradation of water pollutants

10:30 - 11:15    Coffee-break and Poster Session I

11:15 - 11:30    Selected papers of the Frontiers Special Issue Celebrating 20 years of CICECO (cont.)

João A. Labrincha, Inês Silveirinha Vilarinho, Tânia Gameiro, Marinélia N. Capela, João Carvalheiras, Ana Caetano, Catarina Novo, Rui M. Novais and Maria Paula Seabra
Review of recycling alternatives for paper pulp wastes

11:30 - 11:45     Paulo R. Claro, Mariela M. Nolasco, Leonor C. Rodrigues, Catarina F. Araújo, Mariana M. Coimbra, Pedro D. Vaz, Svemir Rudić, Armando Silvestre, Chaima Bouyahya, Mustapha Majdoub and Andreia F. Sousa
From PEF to PBF: what difference does the longer alkyl chain makes? A computational spectroscopy study of poly(butylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate)

11:45 - 12:00     Catarina Almeida, Augusto Pedro, Ana Paula M. Tavares, Márcia C. Neves and Mara G. Freire
Ionic-liquid-based approaches to improve biopharmaceuticals downstream processing and formulation

12:00 - 12:30     João Rocha, Chemistry Department introduces
Manuel Soto Salom, Chemistry Department, telling
The Story of an ERC: a Personal Viewpoint

12:30 - 14:00     Lunch Break

14:00 - 14:45     Poster Session II

14:45 - 15:20     Jorge Frade, Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering, introduces the Invited Plenary Lecture of
Truls Norby, Professor at University of Oslo
Proton Ceramics for Hydrogen, Natural Gas, and Ammonia

15:20 - 15:40      CICECO Science Communication Workshop
Brief presentation of the event, Making-of video and SciCom Videos exhibition

15:40 - 16:55     Paulo R. Claro, Chemistry Department hosts the Panel Discussion on
Science Communication: Challenges for Future Years, with
Joana Paredes, President of ASPIC
Manuel Valença, Vice-Diretor SciComPt
Pedro Almeida, DeCA - University of Aveiro
Álvaro Pinto, Executive Director of Centro Ciência Viva do Lousal

16:55 - 17:40    Coffee-break and Poster Session III

17:40 - 18:00      CICECO hackathon on Product Development
Brief presentation of the event, Making-of video and winning pitch

18:00 - 19:15     Francisco Mendes, Make It Product R&D, hosts the Panel Discussion on
Strategies for Product Development, with
Júlio Grilo, Research and Innovation Director at Simoldes Plásticos
Jorge Girão, Operations Manager at Revigrés
João Veloso, Vice-Rector for University-Society Cooperation at University of Aveiro
Nuno Silva, R&D Scientist at HOVIONE

19:15 - 19:30     Paula Vilarinho, Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering, presents the
CICECO Young Researcher Award
Best Poster Award and the Specific Contest Awards

19:30 - 19:40       Closing Session
João Coutinho, Director of CICECO
Paulo Jorge Ferreira, Rector of the University of Aveiro
Aveiro Congress Center, Foyer located at the 3rd level floor

Communication is at the heart of human life and social evolution. In the era of information, communicating science past the laboratory walls toward the outside world is increasingly important to raise awareness that science is a critical part of humanity. Training researchers with up-to-date tools and skillsets that enable them to better communicate their science to target audiences, including their peers, stakeholders and to the lay public, may open new communication avenues and foster a unique scenario where the contribute of science toward society will be in spotlight.

The Workshop in Science Communication will take place in UA in a joint organization between CICECO and professors from Department of Communication and Art (DeCA), as well young members from the Committee of PhD students of CICECO (CAD).

The workshop in Science and Communication will be held on the 6th and 7th of April and will involve key lecturers and hands-on sessions focused on communicating science to broad audiences and in different platforms including in Social Media.

The workshop in Science and Communication will consist of four experiences:
- making a video to communicate science - theory and hands-on (Prof. Pedro Almeida, DeCA)
- making videos with a mobile phone - hands-on (Joaquim Ferreira, CICECO)
- improve your public speaking ability (Toast Maters, Porto)
- communicate your science through the Social Media (Rute Pereira, CICECO)

The Science and Communication events will then culminate with a public presentation on the 27th of April in combination with CICECO Talk of Professor Nuno Maulide (

The lectures will be opened to everyone who is interested in this subject. However, the hands-on sessions to use different audiovisual tools will have a limited number of participants.

If you are interested in applying for the hands-on workshop, please register bellow.

Registration deadline will be on 31st of March, 2022.

The Organization of Jornadas 22,
Cláudia Nunes, Filipe Figueiredo & Vítor Gaspar

Translating CICECO science to society through innovative collaborative actions that stimulate researchers to devise impactful real-life applications to their research is at the foundation of our research institute.
Aiming to stimulate and empower our community to translational activities, a CICECO hackathon will be organized for the first time. CICECO hackathon 2022 is an open innovation initiative, designed in collaboration with MAKE IT Tech, to foster teamwork around ideas for new products or even new businesses, based on the cutting-edge science produced by talented CICECO researchers with the help of external mentors.
The hackathon is part of the CICECO JORNADAS 22 programme and consists of 5 work sessions plus a public PITCH presentation.
Relevant actions and dates are programmed as follows:

### Day 1 - Map and Sketch - 6h

The team will build a problem overview, ideate, and think of a possible solution.

### Day 2 - Decide and Story-Board - 6h

All decisions about the project will be closed and the storyboard of the product will be made.

### Day 3 - Prototype - 6h

Each team will:

- elaborate a commercial presentation of the product. Could be a leaflet, website, etc
- create a form to inquire potential clients/users
- select a list of people(around 5) with buyer’s profiles. These people will be contacted on the test day.

### Day 4 - Test (optional)

This is an extra day that is not included in the Hackathon. The teams that really are bursting and willing to go further, will put into practice the “prototype”. You’ll contact 5 or more potential clients, make a commercial presentation of the product and collect feedback with the form.

### Day 5 - Pitch day

The teams will make a 5min pitch to the panel of experts followed by a 5min of Q&A.

Participants find additional information here: (

Hackathon Mentors

Francisco Mendes

CEO MAKE It co-founder

FranciscoMendes Founder of BEEVERYCREATIVE, responsible for the development of the multi-awarded winner BEETHEFIRST desktop 3D printer. 20+ years of experience in creating R&D teams and developing tech products. Master in Electronic and Telecommunication. Master in Industrial Automation

Pedro Magalhães

MAKE It co-founder

PedroMagalhaes Master in Electronic and Telecommunication, specialized in Electronics and Firmware. Aveiro University. Advanced knowledge of developing electronic and mechanical prototypes for 3D printers. Experience in working with metal fabrication and production lines.