12th October 2022

Welcome Message

This is the year of the 20th anniversary of CICECO. 

CICECO has grown into a renowned research institute during these two decades, where nearly 500 people are today devoted to the creation and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge leading to innovative materials that address the challenges of a global society. 

The JORNADAS 22 celebrate this special anniversary of a CICECO hand in hand with the society for which one aims to work.  

The plan is to celebrate in three different events.  

The first one occurs in April and is dedicated to the communication of CICECO science to the society by engaging CICECO researchers in the production of multimedia contents and their dissemination across multiple platforms and to different target audiences 

The second event, starting in May and ending the 8th of June, is the CICECO hackathon 2022, an open innovation initiative designed to foster teamwork around ideas for new products or even new businesses, based on the science produced by talented CICECO researchers. 

The Jornadas last moment of the year is planned as a major full day event, on the 12th October, with presentations of the best science produced by CICECO and exciting discussions with our honorable guests from different stakeholders, including academia, industry, social communicators, and governing institutions. 

This is a special celebration where everyone in CICECO has the chance to actively participate. 

CICECO deserves it. 

The organizing committee of the CICECO JORNADAS 22 
Vítor Gaspar, Cláudia Nunes, Filipe Figueiredo

Communication is at the heart of human life and social evolution. In the era of information, communicating science past the laboratory walls toward the outside world is increasingly important to raise awareness that science is a critical part of humanity. Training researchers with up-to-date tools and skillsets that enable them to better communicate their science to target audiences, including their peers, stakeholders and to the lay public, may open new communication avenues and foster a unique scenario where the contribute of science toward society will be in spotlight.

The Workshop in Science Communication will take place in UA in a joint organization between CICECO and professors from Department of Communication and Art (DeCA), as well young members from the Committee of PhD students of CICECO (CAD).

The workshop in Science and Communication will be held on the 6th and 7th of April and will involve key lecturers and hands-on sessions focused on communicating science to broad audiences and in different platforms including in Social Media.

The workshop in Science and Communication will consist of four experiences:
- making a video to communicate science - theory and hands-on (Prof. Pedro Almeida, DeCA)
- making videos with a mobile phone - hands-on (Joaquim Ferreira, CICECO)
- improve your public speaking ability (Toast Maters, Porto)
- communicate your science through the Social Media (Rute Pereira, CICECO)

The Science and Communication events will then culminate with a public presentation on the 27th of April in combination with CICECO Talk of Professor Nuno Maulide (

The lectures will be opened to everyone who is interested in this subject. However, the hands-on sessions to use different audiovisual tools will have a limited number of participants.

If you are interested in applying for the hands-on workshop, please register bellow.

Registration deadline will be on 31st of March, 2022.

The Organization of Jornadas 22,
Cláudia Nunes, Filipe Figueiredo & Vítor Gaspar

Translating CICECO science to society through innovative collaborative actions that stimulate researchers to devise impactful real-life applications to their research is at the foundation of our research institute.
Aiming to stimulate and empower our community to translational activities, a CICECO hackathon will be organized for the first time. CICECO hackathon 2022 is an open innovation initiative, designed in collaboration with MAKE IT Tech, to foster teamwork around ideas for new products or even new businesses, based on the cutting-edge science produced by talented CICECO researchers with the help of external mentors.
The hackathon is part of the CICECO JORNADAS 22 programme and consists of 5 work sessions plus a public PITCH presentation.
Relevant actions and dates are programmed as follows:
Session #1 – 4th May | Make a MAP & choose a target
Session #2 – 11th May | SKETCH competing solutions
Session #3 – 18th May | DECIDE on the best
Session #4 – 25th May | Build a realistic PROTOTYPE
Session #5 – 1st June | TEST with target customers
Session #6 – 8th June | Final PITCH
The activity is targeted to MSc and PhD students, as well as post-docs and young researchers.
The participation starts with a digital application and circa 30 participants will be selected to enroll in the activity. More information on this will be released very soon, stay tuned.
Until then, start thinking about products or businesses you would like to develop based on your research and get ready to apply by preparing a short bio, a motivation statement (why do you think you deserve this opportunity) and update your LinkedIn profile. 

Invited Speakers

Rute Pereira

Founder of AmazingChemist Project & PhD Student

Helena Pereira Rute received a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Aveiro in 2016, during which she started working in the development of magnetic. Later, she received a MSc in Biomedical Materials and Devices in 2018, while also working as a Research Grantee. She is currently a PhD Student in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology working with Dr. Nuno João Silva, Dr. Vítor Gaspar, Prof. João Mano and Prof. Alessandro Lascialfari (U. Pavia). She is also extremely interested in science communication and bringing science to online platforms, such as social networks. You can learn more about her digital project at